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How We Work.

Our Model is strictly Fee for Service so we are never compromised by Sales Commissions. Our only remuneration is from you. We have a fixed schedule so you know what you are getting when you engage us to act for you to purchase a property. Our independent Australia Wide Research is based on thorough Market Analysis of Regional Towns that ensures we are able to track which Regions are likely to experience upward pressure on property prices and rental returns based on strong local economies. Just as importantly our research also gives us the edge with knowing what local economies to avoid.
Interview with Potential clients


Firstly we want to understand where you're at right now including any fears or concerns you may have about your future so we can build a solid understanding of who you are and provide a solution that is sensitive to your needs. Through a series of questions we're going to create a starting point together and uncover what the end point looks like. This is the goal, your target. This ideally will be your happy place. Next we map out for you the way forward for how we're going to get you there. We identify the key people needed to support your goal along the way. Because we operate on a Fee for Service Basis you know our recommendations are 100% free from bias. We only want what's best for you. Our property selection is always going to be done as if we were buying for ourselves.
  • A relaxed approach that meets you where you're at.
  • We develop a really good understanding of how you'd like us to work with you so we can deliver an outcome that works best for you, one that is personalised for you meaning emphasis is on obtaining what's really important to and for you.
  • Our interview process ensures we are all on the same page when outlining the goals and objectives and their order of importance.
  • You come away with knowing exactly what the process will be and the deliverables so you can be confident in how we are going to be working for you.

Let's Start

Once we have your objectives at hand we begin the process of identifying areas/regions that are going to meet your objectives based on our extensive independent research on local economies. We contact Local Agents to arrange Face to Face Meetings and Inspections of Properties - This includes analysis of Local Infrastructure and amenities and streets; namely the ones to consider and one's to avoid.
  • You can have 100% confidence in knowing that the research we rely on is based on facts only.
  • Knowing that our access to local knowledge will help you identify properties in strategic areas that are more likely to experience rental and capital growth.
  • No time wasting looking at properties and regions that don't specifically meet your investment goals.
Interview with Potential clients
Interview with Potential clients

Presentation of Property Options and Shortlisting

Based on the properties inspected we will shortlist out Top 3 recommendations and provide a written summary of the property and why the property has been shortlisted. We will also give you feedback on any potential renovations/upgrades worth considering and the likely impact that will have for you on your rental return. If Subdivision and maximising the return on the land is part of the brief we will co-ordinate with one of our partners what is the highest and best use of the land.
  • You will have choices of more than one property that meets your criteria.
  • A good understanding of the cost/benefit to you of undertaking any works on the property of your choice and the likely rental increase to be achieved.
  • You will be able to see what the potential capital improved value will be if you were to subdivide the block - The highest and best use for the property.
  • A streamlined approach that gives you confidence in being able to make an informed decision to choose a property that we will negotiate on for you.

Pulling it All Together

Now that you've purchased the property there's likely some minor maintenance and repairs required. Based on your approval we will co-ordinate with Local Trades any works to be done on your property such as painting, non-structural repairs, basic garden works so that your property is presented in the best possible condition to assist in obtaining the maximum rental with the right tenant.
  • Saves you time and the hassle of having to be there and get quotes.
  • You have a trusted partner who will make sure all works are carried out satisfactorily.
  • You have peace of mind knowing this is being handled for you with a minimum of fuss so no stress for you.
  • You'll have the comfort of knowing you are getting the best rental return for your money to create better cash flow back to you.
Interview with Potential clients
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