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We offer Investment Solutions specific to Your Investment Goals - Discover what works best for you.

Our Services are designed to best support our Clients Investment Objectives.

  1. Australia Wide Search for Investment Properties that support Your Investment Goals based on your Investment Criteria.
  2. Assessment of Properties by meeting Face to Face Meeting with Agents & Property Managers & Personally Inspecting Properties.
  3. Property Price Negotiation and Contract Review – Contract Review to be provided by one of our Trusted Partners.
  4. Subdivision Potential – Should you want to consider a Property that has Subdivision Potential we can liaise with our Planning & Consulting Partners to do an initial Suitability Analysis.
  5. Independent Inspections Co-Ordinated such as Independent Valuations, Pest Inspections, Building Inspections, Depreciation Schedules.
  6. Meet with and Liaise with Local Trades for Assessment & Quotation of any Renovations – Oversee all approved works.
  7. Assistance in Appointment of Property Manager.
  8. Ongoing discussion and Regular Catch Ups to ensure we are on track with your Property Investment Objectives.