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It's your future.

Let's create one together that you can be proud of.

Time to get focused today on your tomorrow.
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My Purpose

To help as many Australians as possible achieve the Holy Grail of Property Investment. This consists of 3 key components. Affordable Properties typically in the range of $150,000 - $250,000. Properties that provide a Rental Yield over 6% - Producing Strong Cash Flow. Buying in Regional Areas that are forecast for Capital Growth based on strong Local Economies. My Mission is to educate people on the "real"opportunities in the Australian Property Market by providing factual Independent research free from sales bias and hype to enable Investors to confidently purchase Property Assets.

How It Works

We work with you to identify how we can best add value to your investment goals.

Let's Make a Start 01 Tell Me What's Important to You

We explore where you are at today and learn what you'd like the end game to look like.

Brief 02 Establishing the Objectives

Here we map out what are the goals with property acquisition so we can begin the search for properties that meet your criteria in order of importance

The Numbers 03 Presentation of Property Options

Property Options are presented to narrow down those that are going to best fit your requirements.

Deliver the Outcome 04 We negotiate the Sale & So Much More

We work with you through to settlement of your properties and beyond. We will provide Local Trades to do any renovation work and co-ordinate this for you and oversee the completion. Including sourcing a Property Manager - Great for Busy people.
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